Si88xx Isolators with On-Chip dc-dc Converter Target Industrial Applications Including Factory Automation, Solar Inverters and Battery Management

"The Si88xx digital isolators provide industrial system developers with a complete, plug-and-play solution that greatly simplifies their power supply applications while ensuring long-term performance and reliability."

World’s Smallest Digital STB Tuner ICs with Integrated Loop-Through Technology Reduce BOM Cost and Enable Energy-Saving Modes

"Our Si2144/24 tuners offer STB makers the optimal balance of RF performance, energy efficiency, tiny package size and BOM-saving integration, enabling them to reduce the cost, complexity and power consumption of their STB designs." 
Blue Gecko Modules, SoCs, Development Kit and Software Stack Provide Easy On-Ramp to Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Connectivity

"Our Bluegiga acquisition provided a best-of-breed scripting language and protocol stack that we’re leveraging in our Blue Gecko portfolio, making it easy to add Bluetooth Smart connectivity to countless IoT applications."

The new ZC series Chip-On-Board (COB) LED Arrays offer high lumen density and efficacies of upto 140lm/W in a single, easy-to-use LED component family. Available in all major color temperatures from 2700 K up to 6000 K, these high flux packages deliver system level performance of 700 lumens to over 6,000 lumens. The new ZC series family is available in a single 3-step MacAdam binning, ensuring excellent color consistency with minimum CRI options of 70, and 80 combining high quality of light with high efficacy.

Silicon Laboratories’ Si4455 is an easy-to-use, low current, sub-GHz EZRadio transceiver.
Covering all major bands, it combines plug-and-play simplicity with the flexibility needed to handle a wide variety of applications. The compact 3x3 mm package size combined with a low external BOM count makes the Si4455 both space efficient and cost effective. The +13 dBm output power and excellent sensitivity of –116 dBm allows for a longer operating range, while the low current consumption of 18 mA TX (at 10 dBm), 10 mA RX, and 50 nA standby, provides for superior battery life. By fully integrating all components from the antenna to the GPIO or SPI interface to the MCU, the Si4455 makes realizing this performance in an application easy.

Design simplicity is further exemplified in the Wireless Development Suite (WDS) user interface module. This configuration module provides simplified programming options for a broad range of applications in an easy to use format that results in both a faster and lower risk development. Like all Silicon Laboratories’ EZRadio devices, the Si4455 is fully compliant with most worldwide regulatory standards such as FCC, ETSI, and ARIB.

Monolithic power
 have released a useful design generation and simulation tool that supports both online and offline mode to evaluate performance and generate schematics and BOM's for MPS products. In a nut shell, MPSIM will:

  1. Create and simulate a power supply circuit tailored to your application circuits with a useful friendly GUI.
  2. Choose the regulator best suited for your application from the number or MPS regulators in the library,
  3. Choose the design requirements and tailor the key external component values to optimize for your design such as inductors, capacitors, and compensation values.
  4. Run the time-based steady state, transient, and startup simulations and view and measure signals at key nodes in the design such as switch node, Vin, Vout, Iin, and others.
  5. Generate a summary report containing the design requirements, schematics, bill of material, and key waveforms.

The offline version of MPSim allows users to simulate schematics offline and free-of-charge after site registration.

WInstar released a new standard model of the 1.1" 96z64 OLED TAB graphic item number WEX009664B. This display has a built in SSD1305 Driver controller . The outline dimension are 33.5x23.62mm, without frame on module. Oled technology, although still more expensive than standard STN graphic modules is becoming an attractive offer for is great view angle, wide temperature operating range and very low current draw. Hand held and battery applications are ideally suited for Oled LCD's.
Key features of this OLED:

  • 3V supply voltage
  • 8800, 8080 , SPI or I2C interface
  • 1/64 Duty cycle
  • Operating temperature -40~+80 degrees C

WInstar also offer a range of character OLED displays that are mechanically the same as the standard 16x2, 16x4, 20x4 LCD's again having the advantage of low current, wide operating temperature range and wide view angle.

Silicon laboratories have just release the Si7005, a digital relative humidity and temperature sensor. This monolithic CMOS IC integrates humidity and temperature sensor elements, an analog-to-digital converter, signal processing, calibration data and an I2C host interface. The patented use of industry-standard, low-K polymeric dielectrics for sensing humidity enables the construction of a low-power, monolithic CMOS sensor IC with low drift and hysteresis and excellent long term stability. Both the humidity and temperature sensors are factory-calibrated and the calibration data is stored in the on-chip non-volatile memory. This ensures that the sensors are fully interchangeable, with no recalibration or software changes required, simplifying designs and reducing end system manufacturing costs. The Si7005 humidity and temperature sensor is packaged in a 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package and is reflow solderable. The solution only requires 2 external SMD capacitors. Some of the key features are:

  • Relative Humidity Sensor: ± 4.5% RH (maximum @ 20–80% RH)
  • Temperature Sensor: ±0.5 ºC accuracy (typical) / ±1 ºC accuracy (maximum @ 0 to 70 °C)
  • 0 to 100% RH operating range
  • –40 to +85 ºC (-GM – wide temp range version)
  • 0 to +70 ºC operating range (-FM – normal temp range version)
  • Wide operating voltage range (2.1 to 3.6 V)
  • Low Power Consumption: 240 μA during RH conversion
  • I2C host interface

The MP1150 is a push button interface that can operate from 0.9V to 36V. It features a Built-in debounce timer. It also has an internal pull-up that enables it to be driven by an open collector/drain output or just by a simple mechanical switch. Its idle current is 0uA, has 15KV ESD rating on the SW pin and comes in a TSOT-23 package



'Acrich 2' has been increased more than 90% in power efficiency by improving the power factor up to 97% comparing to previous version of 'Acrich' of Seoul Semiconductor, and the THD has become lower than 25% to comply with the requirement of each country including DOE and others. Through cutting edge technology on IC, the lighting manufactures can be directly plugged into the wall without considering any electrical conditions. The Module comes in 4, 8 and 12W format. It has a lifespan of 50000 hours and a power factor of >0.94. With added protection board( supplied with the device) one should have ample protection to run this Dimmable solution in most applications.


Through the close relationship between Roving and CSR, Roving Networks have developed a solution with the lowest power consumption, richest feature set and best RF performance.
The majority of our Bluetooth modules are based on the proven CSR BlueCore 4 platform and use the Bluetooth v2.1 stack with EDR (3Mbit/s) support. EDR support allows for much faster data transfer compared with earlier revisions of the Bluetooth stack, this enables far more usability and opens Bluetooth up to a far greater range of applications including real-time sensors and PC peripherals. The modules are available in various formats with different features depending on what is needed. Interfaces are UART, USB and Bluetooth. Available in smd and through hole packages, with and without on board antennas, designed for short and longer range applications. 


Winstar COG (chip-on-glass) LCD modules provides resolution sizes of 128x64 to 320x240 pixels as well as an option of 16x2 character COG LCM. The COG package offers high quality with the benefits of light weight, and low power consumption. Also, it is available to add a connection board for each item to change the interface from FPC to pins or cables.



Roving Networks, a leading provider of wireless solutions announced the RN-XVee, its new ultra low power, through hole 802.11 b/g module that is a drop in compatible with existing 802.15.4 modules. The RN-XVee is designed for customers looking to migrate their existing systems to standard Wi-Fi based internet protocol(IP) without modifying hardware.

The RN-VXee has a TTL UART pin-out that is compatible with common 802.15.4 footprints. The module provides ultra-low power and full speed 802.11 b/g rates. The RN-XVee is perfect for both legacy and existing designs such as sensor networks, utility meters, remote control and M2M applications


SkyTraq introduces a new high-performance, affordable GG12A GLONASS/GPS receiver. Its form factor and pin-out is compatible to a popular 17mm x 22mm GPS receiver model, and uses the same NMEA output format as a GPS receiver. Users can drop replace their existing 17mm x 22mm GPS module and turn their GPS product into a high performance GLONASS/GPS product instantly without any hardware or software modification efforts, only a GLONASS/GPS antenna is needed for GLONASS and GPS signal reception; much improved satellite signal availability for position fix can be seen immediately. The GG12A is offered at a price comparable to a GPS module, offering a simple very low-cost migration path for GPS system companies leaping ahead to offer high-performance GLONASS/GPS products.


MP4690 is a MOSFET based smart bypass for LED open protectionThe MP4690 is a MOSFET based smart bypass for LED open protection, which provides a current bypass in the case of a single LED fails and becomes an open circuit. When the LED heals itself or is replaced, the MP4690 automatically resets. This device features very low voltage drop so that the conduction loss is very small during the protection. It achieves excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency. LED lighting requires high reliability, especially in applications, such as automobiles, aircrafts, and streetlights. The MP4690 is used in parallel with each LED so that when one LED fails, other LEDs in the same string can still function normally. The usage of the MP4690 is not limited to just LED loads. It can also be used with other loads where open protection is required. The MP4690 is typically used with 1W-2W. LEDs. The device is available in a SOD123 package.