OLED Graphic TAB WEX009664B

WInstar released a new standard model of the 1.1" 96z64 OLED TAB graphic item number WEX009664B. This display has a built in SSD1305 Driver controller . The outline dimension are 33.5x23.62mm, without frame on module. Oled technology, although still more expensive than standard STN graphic modules is becoming an attractive offer for is great view angle, wide temperature operating range and very low current draw. Hand held and battery applications are ideally suited for Oled LCD's.
Key features of this OLED:

  • 3V supply voltage
  • 8800, 8080 , SPI or I2C interface
  • 1/64 Duty cycle
  • Operating temperature -40~+80 degrees C

WInstar also offer a range of character OLED displays that are mechanically the same as the standard 16x2, 16x4, 20x4 LCD's again having the advantage of low current, wide operating temperature range and wide view angle.