MPSIM – Design and simulate your DC-DC design

Monolithic power
 have released a useful design generation and simulation tool that supports both online and offline mode to evaluate performance and generate schematics and BOM's for MPS products. In a nut shell, MPSIM will:

  1. Create and simulate a power supply circuit tailored to your application circuits with a useful friendly GUI.
  2. Choose the regulator best suited for your application from the number or MPS regulators in the library,
  3. Choose the design requirements and tailor the key external component values to optimize for your design such as inductors, capacitors, and compensation values.
  4. Run the time-based steady state, transient, and startup simulations and view and measure signals at key nodes in the design such as switch node, Vin, Vout, Iin, and others.
  5. Generate a summary report containing the design requirements, schematics, bill of material, and key waveforms.

The offline version of MPSim allows users to simulate schematics offline and free-of-charge after site registration.