February 2016

February 2016

EFM8LB Laser Bee MCUs offer industry’s smallest 8-bit MCU with highest analog integration

• Pipelined 8-bit C8051 core with up to 72 MHz maximum operating frequency
• One 14-bit, 900 ksps Analog to Digital converter (ADC) with up to 20 channels
• Up to four 12-bit, 200 ksps Digital to Analog converter (DAC)
• Integrated temperature sensor with ±3°C (-20°C to 85°C) accuracy
• Two low-current analog comparators wvith build-in 6-bit DAC
• Up to 24 multifunction, 5 V tolerant I/O pins
• UART, SPI, SMBus and high speed I2C slave
• Priority crossbar and configurable logic units for flexible pin functions
• 16-bit general-purpose timers
• 3x3mm²

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TouchXpress Controllers from Silicon Labs Speed Development of Capacitive Sensing Applications

Silicon Labs has introduced the TouchXpress™ family of fixed-function controllers, providing the fastest, easiest way to add low-power capacitive touch interfaces to embedded designs.

CPT007B TouchXpress Evaluation Board features 7 capacitive sense pads and 7 LEDs along with a buzzer for touch feedback.

CPT112S TouchXpress Evaluation Board features 12 capacitive sense pads with an optional 4 channel slider along with a buzzer for touch feedback.

Silicon Labs’ robust CPT007B and CPT112S TouchXpress controllers eliminate time-consuming firmware development, providing a simple turnkey solution for adding sleek, touch-based user interface designs to a wide range of products including home appliances, white goods, consumer electronics, lighting control, medical equipment and instrument/control panels. TouchXpress evaluation boards and advanced configuration and profiling software tools available within the Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio environment enable embedded developers to get their capacitive touch applications up and running quickly and easily.

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MP2016 - 42V, 30mA, Low Power Adjustable Output Linear Regulator

The MP2016 is a low power linear regulator that supplies power to systems with high voltage batteries.

It includes a wide 4V to 42V input range, low dropout voltage and low quiescent supply current. The MP2016 provides excellent line transient response time and 50dB power supply rejection ratio (PSRR). The MP2016 can be set externally from 1.2V to 40V through a simple resistor divider network. The MP2016 also includes thermal shutdown and current limiting fault protection. It is available in TSOT23-5 and QFN-8 packages.

• 4V to 42V Input Range
• 12µA Quiescent Supply Current
• <1.5µA Shutdown Current
• 1.2V to 40V Adjustable Output
• 30mA Output Current with 50mA Peak Current Limit
• ±2% Accuracy
• Thermal Shutdown
• Available in Tiny TSOT23-5 and QFN-8 Packages

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MPQ3425 (3.5A, 55V) - Boost Converter with Programmable Switching Frequency and UVLO, AEC-Q100 Qualified

The MPQ3425 is a 3A, 55V, high-voltage, step-up, boost converter with programmable switching frequency and adjustable UVLO in a QFN-14 (3x4mm) package. It’s also AEC-Q100 qualified.

• High-Voltage Boost Converter
• Programmable UVLO and fSW (300kHz to 2MHz)
• Wide Input Range: 3.1V to 22V
• 3.5A, 90mΩ, 55V Power MOSFET
• High Efficiency at Light Load
• AEC-Q100 Qualification
• Available in a QFN-14 (3mmx4mm) Package

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Neoway cost effective M590E V1 GPRS

Neoway has released the cost effective M590E V1 GPRS module, (data only without voice) specifically for data transmitting in metering, security and industrial applications which supports SMS, data services and other functions in a 27-pin LGA package.






EGSM900/DCS1800 MHz dual-band (Supports band locking)


< -107 dBm

Max. transmit power

EGSM900 Class4(2W) / DCS1800 Class1(1W)


Compatible with GSM/GPRS Phase 2/2+

AT Commands

GSM07.07, Extended AT commands




Supports SMS message receiving and transmitting and alerts for new SMS messages


Supports SMS message management: reading/deleting/storage/list

GPRS feature



Max. theoretic downlink rate: 85.6 Kbit/s


Built-in TCP/IP protocol, supports multiple links


Supports server and client modes


Supports UART multiplexing


Supports AT sending, data transmission, and software download


Supports baud rates from 9600 bit/s to 115200 bit/s

Operating voltage

3.5 V to 4.3 V (3.9 V is recommended)

Peak current

Max 2.0 A

Idle current

11 mA

Current in sleep mode

< 1.5 mA (DRX2)

Operating temperature

-40℃ to +85℃


27.6 mm x 21.6 mm x 2.6 mm (H x W x D)


27-pin LGA

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