February 2014

February 2014
Complete USB to Everything Portfolio

CP2130 USB to SPI Bridge

— Single-Chip USB-to-SPI Bridge 4 x 4mm QFN24
    • Integrated clock; no external crystal required
    • Integrated USB transceiver; no external resistors required
    • Integrated 348 Byte one-time programmable ROM for product customization
    • On-chip power-on reset circuit
    • On-chip voltage regulator: 3.45 V output
    • Uses USB Bulk Mode transactions for high throughput
    • Configurable priority for reads and writes
— SPI Controller
    • 3 or 4-wire master mode operation
    • Configurable clock rate
    • 12 MHz, 6 MHz, 3 MHz, 1.5 MHz, 750 kHz, 375 kHz, 187.5 kHz, 93.75 kHz
    • Clock phase and polarity control
    • Chip select mode and toggle
    • Programmable SPI delay (post-assert, inter-byte, predeassert)
— 11 Configurable GPIO Pins with Alternate Functions
    • Usable as inputs, open-drain outputs, or push-pull outputs
    • Up to 11 chip select outputs
    • Ready-to-read pin allows for external signal to trigger SPI read operations
    • Ability to count edges or pulses using the Event Counter
    • Up to 11 USB remote wakeup sources
    • SPI activity indication (toggles to indicate SPI activity)
    • Configurable clock output (93.75 kHz to 24 MHz)

Energy-friendly wireless MCUs for everything smart Si106x/8x Highly integrated Sub GHz wireless MCUs

• Ultra-low power 8051 μC Core
• 25 MHz, single-cycle 8051 compatible CPU
• Industry's lowest active and sleep currents
• 160 μA/MHz: active mode
• 10 nA sleep with brownout detectors disabled
• 50 nA sleep with brownout detectors enabled
• 650 nA sleep with internal RTC
• 2 μs wake-up time
• On-chip debug
• Up to 64 kB of flash and 4 kB of RAM
• Data rate up to 1 Mbps
• 142–1050 MHz frequency range
• On-chip crystal tuning
• –126 dBm receive sensitivity @ 500 bps, GFSK
• Modulation: OOK, (G)FSK, and 4(G)FSK
• Up to +20 dBm output power
• Excellent selectivity performance
• Supply voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V
• 5 mm x 6 mm 36-pin QFN package

The greener way to measure relative humidity

Si701x/702x Single-Chip Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

• Precision Relative Humidity Sensor:
  o Si7013/21: ± 3% RH (maximum) @ 0–80% RH
  o Si7020: ± 4% RH (maximum) @ 0–80% RH
• Temperature Sensor:
  o ±0.4 °C accuracy (maximum) @ -10 to +85 °C
• 0 to 100% RH operating range
• Up to -40 to +125 °C operating range
• Wide operating voltage range (1.9 to 3.6 V)
• Low Power Consumption: 1.9 µW average power at 3.3V and 1 sample per second
• I2C host interface
• Integrated on-chip heater
• 3 mm x 3 mm DFN package
• Excellent long term stability
• Factory calibrated
• Optional factory-installed filter/cover
  o Lifetime protection during reflow and in operation
  o Protects against contamination from dust, dirt, household chemicals and other liquids
• AEC-Q100 automotive qualified

A Leading Provider of Non-Volatile Memory Semiconductor Solutions

Macronix, a leading integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) market, provides a full range of NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products. With its world-class R&D and manufacturing capability, Macronix continues to deliver high-quality, innovative and performance driven products to its customers in the consumer, communication, computing, automotive, networking and other segment markets.

Product List:
NOR Flash
- Serial Flash
- Parallel Flash
- Secure Flash
- Known Good Die
- Automotive

NAND Flash


Neoway WL680: WiFi Module

The WL680 is a standard WiFi module with built-in IEEE802.11 wireless network protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack. It is widely used in Mobile Internet Device, automatic metering, wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS), home automation and wireless micropayments etc .

• Protocol IEEE802.11b/g/n
• 2.412 to 2.484GHz
• Transmit power
  o 802.11b: 18dBm
  o 802.11g: 15dBm
  o 802.11n: 13dBm
• RX sensitivity
  o 802.11b: -86dBm @ 11Mbps
  o 802.11g: -72dBm @ 54Mbps
  o 802.11n: -69dBm @ 65Mbps
• AT commands
• Integrated TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP
• Operation voltage: 3.5 to 4.3V, 3.9V recommended
• Packaging: 71-pin LGA package, pitch 1.0mm
• Dimensions: 15.0 * 18.0 * 2.1mm
• Operating temperature: -30 to +80℃
• UART rate: 1200 to 96,1200 bps
• Infra network & Adhoc network
• CE & FCC
• ROHS compliant

MP4050 Non-Isolated High Brightness LED Driver

The MP4050 is a constant current LED driver integrated with an internal 500V MOSFET. It is specifically designed for energy efficient and low cost LED bulk replacement applications.

MP4050 is designed to drive high-brightness LEDs from an 85VAC to 265VAC line. It is also useable under DC input voltage.

• Constant Current LED Driver
• 500V/7.2Ω MOSFET integrated
• Low Vcc Operating Current
• Maximum frequency limit
• Audible noise restrain
• Internal High Voltage Current Source
• Internal 200ns Leading Edge Blanking
• Thermal Shutdown (auto restart with Hysteresis)
• VCC Under Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis (UVLO)
• Open Lamp Protection
• Short Lamp Protection
• Available in the TSOT23-5 and SOIC8 packages