Batteryless IoT device powered by DEMO the AEM10941

The demonstration board is an example of a connected wireless device featuring the AEM10941. It includes light, humidity and temperature sensors as well as a wireless communication module powered by a solar cell.

The purpose of this device is to demonstrate the efficiency of the AEM10941 to supply a LTE cat M1 device using SEQUANS technology.


The purpose of this device is to demonstrate the efficiency of the AEM10941 to supply a LTE cat M1 device using SEQUANS technology.

As a result a small solar cell is sufficient to operate it in an indoor environment and this demo kit could be even smaller working in an outdoor environment. The global device is compact as shown below, making it a good choice for a wide range of applications.

In a nutshell

– Self-powered and maintenance-free device
– Battery voltage monitoring
– Temperature, humidity and light measurement
– Data visualization on any Android tablet or smartphone
– Easy to deploy

Main components:
– AEM10941 from e-peas
– Photovoltaic cell
– GM01Q Monarch Module from SEQUANS
– Supercapacitor from CAP-Xx

Power consumption:
– Supply voltage: 3.3 V delivered by one AEM10941
– Active consumption (radio communication): around 4 J


The demonstration board includes the following components:

The AEM10941 – Ambient Energy Manager – transferring the energy from the photovoltaic harvester to the storage and the load. It starts from no-voltage if 3 μW and 380mV are available at the solar cell outputs. After cold starting, the AEM10941 extracts the maximum power thanks to its MPP tracking function and boosts the energy into a storage element. This storage element is protected from overvoltage and overdischarge by the AEM10941. Furthermore, it provides 2 regulated voltages to supply the load. In this case, one output – HVOUT – is de ned at 3:3 V to supply the e-paper and the ICs required around for the application.

– A photovoltaic solar cell from 3GSOLAR dedicated to indoor light. It could be adapted to work with different solutions in terms of technology.

A Cap-xX supercapacitor, as the electrical energy storage element, storing the energy harvested from the solar cell. This energy is delivered by one e-peas AEM to guarantee continuous operation. With the 1:2 F, one radio message could be sent to a MQQT server. After this message, the storage must be recharged from the ambient energy for the next message. Based on the 3G SOLAR cell used, below 1000 lux, a new message could be sent after 2 hours and 42 minutes.

A MONARCH GM01Q module is used to add LTE connectivity. Messages are recovered from a MQQT server to be displayed. The Monarch GM01Q module is an all-in-one, single-mode LTE-M (eMTC) and NB-IoT module with worldwide deployment and roaming capability. The Monarch GM01Q module comprises Sequans’ Monarch LTE Platform and all other elements necessary for a complete LTE modem system. These include an LTE-optimized transceiver, a complete Single SKUTM RF front-end to support LTE bands worldwide, and key interfaces, all in a single compact LGA package.


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