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Smart home and industrial applications are being adopted at an incredible rate, but the challenge facing developers isn’t limited to just delivering connected products faster. Reliable wireless performance in tough environments, as well as energy efficiency for battery-powered applications, needs to be top of mind. The increased focus on protecting IoT devices from cyber-attacks, unauthorized connectivity, and counterfeit devices must also be considered during the design process. Wireless development is hard enough, and these security threats compound the complexity. Silicon Labs’ new BGM240P and MGM240P PCB modules have been designed specifically to provide faster time to market and dramatically simplify these challenges.

An extension of the BG24 and MG24 families of wireless SoCs, the new BGM240P and MGM240P PCB modules are designed to provide industry-leading RF performance, low power, and extensive regulatory certifications so developers can get devices to market faster. Designed specifically for developers without extensive RF experience, these certified modules provide many of the same benefits as their SoC counterparts, including a Cortex M33 with 1.5 MB of Flash and 256 kB of RAM, low current consumption, excellent RF performance, and PSA Certification Level 3 security.

One of the key advantages of these PCB modules is fast time to market. Designers don’t have to worry about complex RF design and testing thanks to proven RF performance according to demanding regulatory certifications for FCC, CE, IC/ISED, MIC/TELEC, and KCC. By simplifying design and testing, these modules allow developers to avoid long development and certification cycles, and provide support for a broad range of 2.4 GHz wireless IoT protocols including Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh as well as ZigbeeOpenThreadMatter, and multiprotocol.

In addition, select modules incorporate the PSA Level 3 Certified Secure Vault, providing a dedicated security engine with advanced security features, including an advanced hardware crypto, Secure Boot with RTSL, Tamper Detect, and Secure Key Management.

With the xGM240P Wireless PCB modules, IoT device makers have more flexibility to create smarter, faster, and more energy-efficient applications while securing end-user privacy.



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